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Quentin Clark

Published June 23, 2023
  Research Area: Art of the Byzantine Empire

Quentin Clark joins the Art History PhD program in the fall of 2023. He graduated with his MA in Art History from Florida State University in 2023 and his BA in Art History from Coastal Carolina University in 2020. His research interests lie in the art of the Byzantine Empire with particular focus given to administrative hierarchy and constructions of identity. Quentin is also interested in exploring modern/contemporary philosophy and theory and its unique intersection with medieval art and material culture.

During his time in the program Quentin worked as a research assistant (2021-23) and served as a member of the Graduate Symposium Committee (2022-23). He was also named the Patricia Rose Fellow for the 2022-23 academic year. Quentin’s forthcoming article, “Symbolizing Reverence and Imperial Identity: The Elephant on the ἐπὶ τῶν βαρβάρων Seal,” will be featured in Comitatus in the fall of 2023.