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Sarah Mathiesen

Published January 20, 2017


 Sarah Mathiesen Research Area: Byzantine Art
Advisor: Dr. Lynn Jones

Sarah Mathiesen, a fourth-year doctoral student working with Lynn Jones, studies the art of Byzantium. Her dissertation examines the monumental decorative program of Yılanlı Kilise, a rock-cut church located in the Ihlara Valley of Cappadocia, Turkey. Sarah’s research questions focus on identity and exchange; in her dissertation she seeks to recontextualize the painted decoration in Yılanlı as part of a rich contact zone between multiple cultures of the eastern medieval world.

Sarah graduated with her BA from Tulane University in 2014, earning cum laude in Art History, with a double minor in Classics and History. She completed her MA at Tulane in 2015 with a thesis examining a 14th-century illustrated Byzantine manuscript of the Alexander Romance. At FSU, Sarah is a Legacy Fellow in Art History, a member of the Graduate Fellows Society, and Co-Director of the Medieval Studies Workshop. In 2019–20 she served as a university-wide Program for Instructional Excellence Teaching Associate. Outside of FSU, Sarah is the Editorial Assistant for the North of Byzantium project and is a member of the Student Committee of the International Center for Medieval Art.

Sarah has been the recipient of the CARA Summer Scholarship from the Medieval Academy of America and the Gerson Medieval Art History Doctoral Student Research Grant, as well as several other grants. She has presented papers nationally and internationally, including at the Byzantine Studies Conference, the International Congress of Medieval Studies, and the “Studying East of Byzantium VI: The State of the Field” workshop co-hosted by Tufts University and the Mary Jaharis Center for Byzantine Art and Culture.