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Sarah Shivers

Published June 6, 2019


Research Area: Medieval Architecture
Advisor: Dr. Kyle Killian Sarah Shivers specializes in medieval architecture. Her research focuses on the religious vernacular of the later middle ages, specifically English urban parochial construction. Currently, Sarah is developing her dissertation on the architectural change found among London parish churches through the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries.

Sarah earned her BA in Anthropology and Linguistics from the University of North Texas in 2012. She continued at UNT and completed her MA degree in Art History with her thesis on the intersection of local geography and architecture change at Glastonbury Abbey. At Florida State University, Sarah held the Patricia Rose Teaching Fellowship, during which she received the Paula Gerson Dissertation Award, Beard Conference Travel Grants, and Congress of Graduate Students Conference Presentation Support Grants. Recently, she received the Penelope Mason Dissertation Award to complete her current project abroad in the United Kingdom.