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Serena D’Alessandro

Published June 23, 2023
  Research Area: Early Byzantine art; contemporary Indigenous textiles
Advisor: Dr. Lynn Jones

Serena D’Alessandro joined the Art History PhD program in the fall of 2023. She earned her masters of Art History from Florida State University with a focus on medieval art and architecture. Her research interests center around the art of early Byzantium, with a focus on domestic objects, adornment, and their reception across time. During her time in the program Serena was an officer of the Art History Association, where she co-hosted networking events, created marketing tools, and helped secure funding for the 39th annual Graduate Symposium.

Serena is currently assisting Dr. Kristin Dowell with the website accompaniment for her upcoming book, Digital Sutures, which explores family and cultural memory in Indigenous women’s filmmaking. In the fall she will present her paper “Received Materiality and the Kyrenia Girdle: The Weight of Adornment Under The Reign Of Maurice Tiberius” at the 49th Annual Byzantine Studies Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia.