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Sonia Dixon

Published September 15, 2017


 Sonia Dixon Research Area: Eastern Medieval Mediterranean Art
Advisor: Dr. Lynn Jones

Sonia Dixon is a PhD Candidate studying visual culture and identity in Late Antiquity (3rd – 6th century) in the eastern Mediterranean. Her research interests include the transmission, appropriation, and adaptation of objects and iconographies across perceived cultural, ethnic, and religious “boundaries.” Her dissertation delves into the reception of the chi-Rho in Late Antiquity.

Sonia received her BA in Art History in 2012 from Middle Tennessee State University and completed her MA in Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies at FSU in 2016. She presented at the 20th New College Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Studies at New College of Florida (2016), the 3rd Annual Symposium on Diversity & Inclusion in Research & Teaching Organization (DIRECTO) (2020), the 37th Annual Art History Graduate Symposium at FSU (2021), and the 24th International Congress of Byzantine Studies: Byzantium – Bridge Between Worlds in Venice (2022).

Sonia was the first cohort of the William Sanders Scarborough Fellow with the American School of Classics at Athens. She also serves as a Captain in the U.S. Army Reserve as a Heritage and Preservation Officer and a Senior Analyst with Cultural Heritage Monitoring Lab. Her publications include “Reexamining Syncretism in Late Antique Iconography of a Vault Mosaic,” in the 38th volume of the art history journal Athanor and “The Question of Authenticity: Two Ethiopian Icons,” in Peregrinations: Journal of Medieval Art & Architecture VIII/1.