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Sonia Dixon

Published September 15, 2017


 Sonia Dixon Research Area: Eastern Medieval Mediterranean Art
Advisor: Dr. Lynn Jones
Sonia Dixon is a doctoral student and a Patricia Rose Fellow at Florida State University. She studies visual culture and identity in Late Antiquity (3rd – 7th century) in the eastern Mediterranean, working with Lynn Jones. Sonia’s research interests include the transmission, appropriation, and adaptation of objects and iconographies across perceived cultural, ethnic, and religious “boundaries.” Her dissertation delves into the origin and meaning of the chi-rho (“The Origins and Uses of the Chi-Rho in the Late Antique, Early Byzantine Period (4th – 7th century)”).

Sonia received her bachelor’s degree in Art History in 2012 from Middle Tennessee State University, and completed her MA in Museum and Cultural Heritage Studies at FSU in 2016. Before returning to FSU to pursue her doctorate in 2018, she conducted field research in Turkey, presented at the 20th New College Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Studies at New College of Florida in Sarasota, and presented a gallery lecture for the Ink, Silk and Gold exhibit at The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art. In 2017, she taught History of Western Art II and History of Non-Western Art at The Art Institute of Tampa.

Since returning to FSU Sonia has taught in the Interdisciplinary Medical Sciences (IMS) B.S. Degree Program in the College of Medicine, has attended multiple national conferences, was Research Assistant to the Curator for the Fall 2019 exhibition Identity in the Ottoman Empire at the FSU Museum of Fine Arts, and was accepted to present her work at FSU’s Spring 2020 Graduate Symposium (cancelled due to COVID-19). Sonia also serves as a Captain in the Army.