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Opening Thursday, November 7: Student-Curated Exhibition Stories Laid in Stone

Published October 31, 2019

This fall the Art History Museum Object class under the direction of Professor Doron Bauer is developing the exhibition Stories Laid in Stone: Modern Architecture in Tel Aviv and Jerusalemto open Thursday, November 7 at 6 pm in the WJB Gallery.

Curated entirely by students, Stories Laid in Stone showcases the variety of modern architectural styles in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, exploring the cities’ myths, cultures, and identities through the lens of architecture. The exhibition invites viewers to look at these cities, often viewed as politically charged and sensitive locations, with new eyes; to explore their histories, cultures, and identities through something as innocuous as an office building. This show strives to show people that Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are cities full of real people and built with a complexity that makes them beautiful and intriguing.

The Museum Object course is the culmination of the Museum Studies minor for undergraduates at Florida State University. This course examines the history, philosophy, practice, and implications of acquiring, researching, and displaying objects in art museums and gallery spaces in the modern era. Additionally, the course provides students with hands-on experience in designing and mounting a show in a gallery setting.


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