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Honors in the Major

student viewing art

An honors thesis in Art History typically involves intensive research, either in libraries, archives, museum collections or some combination thereof. The thesis length is variable, but typically ranges from 30 to 50 pages of text, usually accompanied by a supplemental section of illustrations. In length and scope of research, the thesis represents the most sustained written assignment in the student’s academic career.

  • Students are required to meet with a directing professor for the honors thesis no later than the spring semester of the junior year.
  • Students are also required to meet with the Honors in the Major administrative coordinator and submit an application to the Honors in the Major office prior to registering for honors thesis hours. Email for an appointment with the administrative coordinator.
  • Students must register for ARH 4815 (thesis hours). The maximum number of thesis hours allowed per term is three (3), taken over the course of two terms (three in the fall semester followed by three in the spring). All six thesis hours may be used to satisfy the upper-level course requirement for the major.
  • Please call the Department of Art History for the reference number in order to register for thesis hours.
  • Generally, a grade of ‘I’ (Incomplete) is assigned for the fall semester, before the project is completed. Once the student has successfully defended, the grade received for the defense will be retroactively fitted to earlier semesters.
  • Students planning to register for Honors in the Major in Art History should meet with the Departmental Honors Liaison, Dr. Jack Freiberg.